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Posted On : 2 November 2014
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Insert Update And Delete Using Entity Framework

Overwiew Of Video:Insertion,Updation And Deleteion Using Entity Framework

Description : In this video the author will shows how to read,insert,update and delete data using entity frame work.At first he mentioned about context class and entity class.Context class is act as a mediator or connector.So at first we create an object for context class.For reading data, Create object for the List and read items in to list object.Display the elements in list using foreach method.For inserting we have to create a new object and using the object insert values to specific columns in database. Using Addobject() method, we can add the items to memmory , if it adds to database use one more statement as SaveChanges().In update, first we need to select the record.Next add the updations and save the changes as mentioned in previous case.For deleting a record,Select the record to be deleted and save the changes.We can see them in detail with an example in this video.

This video demonstrate

Youtube Video: Insert Update And Delete Using Entity Framework

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