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Posted On : 3 January 2015
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Create SQL Database On Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers several options for data processing. SQL Database is offered as a SAAS ( Software as a Service ) offereing in Microsoft Azure. You can easily setup an SQL Database in seconds in Microsoft Azure without having to Manage Viritual Machines or Infrastuture.

Advantage of using Microsoft Azure for your rdbms is that azure gives you the cloud advantage, cost benefit as well as high availability, reliablity and you dont have to worry about key factors like maintainability, serviceability they are automatically taken care of in Microsoft azure as it is a SaaS offering.

In this article let us look at setting up a Database on Microsoft Azure. You could setup a database in microsoft azure with a few clicks in less than 5 minutes.

Select 'Create Database' From Azure Portal

Logon to Microsoft Azure Portal, from the left menu choose SQL DATABASES, and select CREATE A SQL DATABASE.

Specify The Database Setting

Choose a name for the database, in this case I have given 'beginner'. If you have multiple Azure Subscriptions select the subscirption for the new database.

Collation : Collation are set of language sensitve rules by which text are compared insted of bitwise comparision of character code.I have chosen to use SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS which is default collation in Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Please note that Once you have chosen a collation you would not be able to change it later. collation is the way strings are compared, It is useful if your database is designed for languages other than english as its key to sorting and comparison.

SERVER : I have chosen to create a NEW SQL DATABASE SERVER.

Choose the Service Tires depending on the preformance leavel requirement for the database. You can choose between Basic Tire, Standard & premum tire. Choose basic tire if you plan to build application with light transactional work load, standard tire for mide level performance and permium tire for mission critical databases, advanced features like active geo-replication across across multiple region are available only in premium tire. Please see the below chart to help you select a database.

Specify SQL Database Server Settings

Choose a login name and password which will be used to access your database. Choose the region nearest to your target uses. Leaving ALLOW WINDOWS AZURE SERVICES TO ACCESS THE SERVER checked allows the Microsoft Azure Services to SQL Database you create on this server.

Created Database

You would be able to see that the sql server & database creation process has started on Microsoft Azure and once the process is completed the status changes to online.

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