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Posted On : 13 January 2015
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Azure Active Directory

What Is Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory provides identity and access management capabilities in the cloud like services.As we said earlier Azure Active Directory is a service, that is made available through Azure for cloud-based identity management.When we use azure active directory, the microsoft will provides high scale, high availability and integrated disaster recovery.Directories offer the best model for business applications.Traditional directories don´t work too well with cloud workloads.

There are basically two types of azure directories :

1. Windows azure active directory

2. Windows server active directory

Anatomy Of Windows Azure Active Directory

In this anatomy of azure active directory , As the figure says, it has a local directory , management portal and windows azure directory, graph API and also includes the WS-federation.


The main characteristics of microsoft azure active directories are :

  • Active directory is a service.
  • Like other windows azure applications a single Sign in and single Sign out operations is existing.
  • It can manage users as well as groups.
  • It can integrate with on-premise active directory servers.
  • It will support multifactor authentication.
  • It will shows the usage reports.

This figure shows how a directory works and various action included in it.


The main benefits of azure active directory includes :

  1. Application only interacts with the windows azure active directory.
  2. No need to implement your own authorization mechanism.
  3. No need to set up and configure active directory virtual machine.
  4. It can have the ability to synchronise with on - premise active directory.
  5. No single point failure in case with active directory federation services.

Single Point Of Failure

From the figure , we can easily identify the same.The acesses control services doesnot have any direct communication with the active directory.If we are not using the active directory federation services, the problem still continuing . By using the active directory federation services we can eluminate the problem of single point of failure.

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