HTML5 introduces the features of media such sa video and audio.Here a <video> element present for the working of video.It works based on control attributes. Video also one of the new feature of HTML5 before that there is no video support for HTML documents. It is done by the help of a simple video tag.It supports MP4,WebM and ogg media types.


Same as in the case of audio,here also control attributes are present such as pause paly etc.These control helps the video to present in a proper manner.Also there are some properties for including width and height for video screen. It is necessary to include the height and width,otherwise the browser feels difficulties to identify these things.

The <video> Tag

For including a video into our HTML document we need a simple tag and is <video> tag.With in this tag we can include the details about video,like height and width.


It support all attributes,along with this some special attributes are also there.All attributes for video tag provides more additional features fro improving the visuality of videos within our document.
Autoplay:Specifies that the video will start playing as soon as it is ready.
Hieght:Provide height for video screen.
Muted:This mute or unmute the video file.
Controls:This attribute provide some controls for video and these features provides an effective visuality for videos within our page.

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