HTML5 BASICS: Introduction


HMTL5 is a new version of HTML.It introduces some new elements such as Semantic,Controls,Graphics and Multimedia.HTML4 is a succesfull markup language fromat,HTML5 build on that success.

New Things In HTML

HTML5 introduces some new features.
1. It introduces some new elements like <article> , <canvas> , <svg>.
2. HTML5 provides lots of syntatic flexibilities.
3. Some special tags are present.
4. Attribute values and quotes are optional for attributes.

Remember These Things.

1. HTML5 is a combination of indvitual things.It provides the DOM API for objects.
2. HTML5 introduces new input controls,It also support all form controls in HMTL4.
3. It is very easy to get start with HTML5.<!DOCTYPE html> is the document declaration format fo HTML5,previous versions uses different type declarations but HTML5 use only this method.
4. HTML5 has a mobile support platform.It support all web browsers.

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