HTML5 BASICS: HTML5 Attributes

HTML5 Attributes

HTML5 attributes are case sensitive, they can be mixed case, upper case or lower case letters.Some attributes are use along with any element, and that can be defined as global attributes. Also some kind of attributes that are used with particular elements.
HTML5 supports the following attributes.

accesskeySpecifies a keyboard shortcut to access an element.
alignHorizontally aligns tags
backgroundPlaces an background image behind an element
bgcolorPlaces a background color behind an element
classClassifies an element for use with Cascading Style Sheets.
contenteditableSpecifies if the user can edit the element's content or not.
contextmenuSpecifies the context menu for an element.
data-XXXXCustom attributes. Authors of a HTML document can define their own attributes. Must start with "data".
draggableSpecifies whether or not a user is allowed to drag an element.
heightSpecifies the height of tables, images, or table cells.
hiddenSpecifies whether element should be visible or not.
idNames an element for use with Cascading Style Sheets.
itemUsed to group elements.
itempropUsed to group items.
spellcheckSpecifies if the element must have it's spelling or grammar checked.
styleSpecifies an inline style for an element.
subjectSpecifies the element's corresponding item.
tabindexSpecifies the tab order of an element.
title"Pop-up" title for your elements.
valignVertically aligns tags within an HTML element.
widthSpecifies the width of tables, images, or table cells.