HTML BASICS: HTML Basic Text Formatting

HTML Text Formatting

Text formatting in HTML indicate how text can appear in HTML and XHTML,like in word processors, there are many options for changing the format of text for example bold,italics etc. Thi sfeature also present in HMTL for this we use some tags.

HTML Text Formatting Tags:

Inorder to make text formatting we use different tags.Some of the tags are desribed below.
1. Bold - <b> </b> :
The text between this tag appeared as bold.
2.Underline - <u> </u> :
When we using <u> tag the text become underlined.
3.Font Size - <font size="?"> </font> :
Assign a font size for the text.
4.Font Colour - ⁢font color="#??????"> </font> :
Gives a specific color to the text.
5.Italic Text - <i> </i> :
Data displayed as italic format.

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