What Are The Tools That We Can Use To Make HTML

Fortunately, HTML is written in plain text. That means you don't need any fancy software programs like a word processor to create your HTML files. All you need is a simple text-editor that is already on your system.


As with most things in life, there are rules. In HTML, the rules are fairly simple. For starters, HTML tags are always surrounded by what are called angle brackets < and >.


The words/letters between these two angle brackets are called elements. These are the coded commands within HTML. Elements tell the browser how to display the web page. For example: 'hr' tells the browser to display a horizontal rule; 'br' tells the browser to skip a line.

Case Sensitive

HTML is also not case sensitive. That means, you can use either lowercase or uppercase. 'html' is the same as 'html'. For consistency, use either one or the other.

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