What Are Accessible Tables In HTML

There is a lack of accessability for HTML to layout method.These difficulty happens due to interpretation by non-visual browsers and more often than not are used against their purpose for presentational effects.But the new tags introduced by HTML5 introduce some new attributes,and they are ready to create accessible tales.

How To Create Accessible Tables

In order to create an accessible table we need to know about some tables,they are explained below.

Data Tables

Data tables are mainly for presenting tabular information in a grid format or matrix,this grid also provide some information on coloums or rows.A user can easily scan the table and make visual association between data in the grid and coloumn or row head, so proper markup must be used to make a programmatic association between elements within the table.

Caption For Table

Data tables very often have brief descriptive text before or after the table that indicates the content of that table. This text should be associated to its respective table using the <caption> element. The <caption> element must be the first thing after the opening <table> tag.

Row And Coloumn Identification

The major step for creating an accessible data table is to designate row and/or column headers. In the markup, the <td> element is used for table data cells and the <th> element is used for table header cells.

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