HTML Images Audio And Video

HTML Images

<img src> tag is used for inserting images in web pages. img stands for image and src for source. src indicate the source of the image.It doesn't have any closing tags. <img> is an empty tag.

following code indicate the format for including images to our pages.

<img src="url" alt="some_text"> 

If there is any mistake in source the image will not appears.

HTML Audio

Audio is a special feature of HTML5.It represents a sound or audio,for this purpose <audio> tag is used. There are some attributes that support audio tags like global attribute,autoplay etc.


There is one major attribute present known as control,this add some properties to audio,such as play,volume etc The text details between audio tags sould be displayed in the browser.

HTML Video

Video also one of the new feature of HTML5 before that there is no video support for HTML documents. It is done by the help of a simple video tag.

The <video> Tag

For including a video into our HTML document we need a simple tag and is <video> tag.With in this tag we can include the details about video,like height and width.

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