Nested Framesets In HTML

As the name indicate nested frameset is frame with another frame.This can be nested in any level. we already study about frame and frameset in HTML,so it is easy to understand about nested frameset.There is no special definition or description for HTML nested frameset.

<Frameset rows="40%,40%,*">              
            <Frameset cols="30%,30%">           
            <Frameset rows="30%,30%">             

In the above example the screen is divided into 3 sections with corresponding resolutions.Also here the resolution splits the first horizontal section into two vertical sections and the second horizontal section into two horizontal sections.

Nesting <FRAMESET> Tags

we are going to create a nested column web layout that will use buttons to navigate to the different pages. You will create another home page called home2.html that will contain a flash movie and will display the additional external pages when you click on the buttons that will be displayed in the left bottom frame. Go ahead and create your home2.html page and save it as a html file. This page will appear blank at this time.

Because a tag can include either a ROWS property or a COLS property, but not both, you have to nest tags if you want to create a grid of frames on your Web page. The second row of your current frame layout will consists of two columns. The first column will display the links to the sections of your country and the second column will display the the section chosen from the first column with a list of states that contain information of historial/educational attractions in that area.

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