How To Linearize HTML Tables

The redaing order of document for users is depends on the order of the document content of html.By using CSS we can make some styles for html tables and make some visual effects. HMTL tables used for layouts or real data.

Tablin:HTML Table linearizer

HTML Tables, whether used for layout or for real data, can create problems for people reading the Web line-by-line. This usually happens when there is a mismatch between the rendering engine parsing the Table and the needs of the presentation engine interacting with the end-user. Tablin is a filter program developed by the WAI Evaluation & Repair group that can linearize HTML tables and render them accordingly to preferences set by the presentation layer. It is available in different forms.

Table cell

A table cell is one grouping within a table. Cells are grouped horizontally and vertically.Usually information on the top header of a table and side header will "meet" in the middle at a particular cell with information regarding the two headers it is collinear with.

A table cell in HTML is a non-empty element and should always be closed. There are two different kinds of table cell in HTML: normal table cell and header cell. denotes a table cell, while <th> denotes a table header. The two can be used interchangeably, but it is recommended that header cell be only used for the top and side headers of a table.

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