How To Create Links Between HTML Frames

Creating links in webpages is simple procedure,but in case of frames its complicated.In case of webpage while clicking o n a web page that redirect to another webpage,but in case of frame whilw clicking we need to redirect to the fframe in which the link is located.
Here we explain about while loading a frame it directed to a new page in another frame.For that purpose we mainly need 2 attributes such a name and target attributes.

'name' Attribute

For giving identity for frames we use 'name' attribute for each <frame> tag.This can be anything but it should be unique.These identity names act as target attribute which is used in hyperlinks that load new pages intended for that frame. In the source code name of menu frame is simply callled menu and content frame is named as Test.

'target' Attribute

Now we need to create hyperlinks in the menu frame to load new pages in content frame,for that purpose we simply use the hyperlink standard and insert target attribute. The value of the target attribute is the name of frame.

Thus we got an idea about how to create links between HTML Frames.

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