How Can We Choose The Right Image Format

They are more kind of image formats such as GIF,PNG,JPG etc.Here we are going to give a clear explanation about these things,that may helps you choose the right format for including images. On average, images make up over 50 percent of the average web page, so we need toreduce impact on page speed. Choosing the appropriate web-based format for your images is the first step towards optimized web graphics.


JPG stands for Joint Photographic Group.JPEG doesn't have the 256 colors restriction.It can contain millions of colors.Most of the images are saved in JPG format.It has a lossy format,that means lose quality with every edit. Somee operations that can be performed losslessly, such as cropping a part of the image, rotating it or modifying meta information, such as comments stored in the image file.


Here a limit is present for colors.GIF stands for Graphics Interface Format.But there are some advantages for this format ie its ideal for images with few colors,this is the reason for using GIF in webpages.Also it can contain animations.


PNG Means Portable Network Graphics.It is designed as lossless format for use on the WEB,it helps to reduce the size of your files.


Using any of the appropriate images format we can improve our webpage.

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