How Can I Make A Simple Page In HTML?

This articles helps you to make a simple webpage in hmtl using notepad.

Step 1: Open the notepad.Save the file using html extension and choose 'All files' while saving.

Step 2: Put some basics tags.Start with <html>

Step 3: Next is head tag.Write <head>.

Step 4: <title> is the next tag, it tells the browser what need to put on the top of the browser.So that write a title between the opening and closing title tags.

Step 5: Now we can close the head tag by </head>

Step 6: After that include body tag,if you want you can put colors for body section,for both text and background.For that we use 'bgcolor' and 'text'.

Step 7: Between the body tag you can write the content of our document.Before that you need to include heading for the document.

Step 8: For including headings there are mainly 6 heading tags are there.starting with <h1> to <h6>.

Step 9: You can write the content between paragraph tags ie <p> and </p>.

Step 10: Then colse the body tag and html tag.

Step 11: Now you succesfully created a simple web page.

Step 12: Double click on the saved file you can see the output.

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