HTML Forms

Forms is a document section contains some content,elements called controls and labels on his control.Controls include check box,radio button etc.Form can be complete by entering datas into the controls,like entering datas to textboxes.Actually these forms are helps to collect user informations for example in case of registration process user need to give some informations.

Form Attributes

There are some attributes for HTML Forms.Here I am introducing some commonly used attributes action and method.

Action Attribute

Backend script ready to process the passed data,ie it provide a url that gives the path for submitting the form.

<form action="Test.php">

Method Attribute

This method is used for submitting form.HTTP POST and GET methods are used for this purpose.

<form action="Test.php" method="GET/POST">

The <form> Tag

As we said HTML form is used to collect the information from user for that purpose a <form> tag is present.Within the form tag form elements are included.One of the important form element is <input>. It has many variations depends on the type attribute ie it may be textbox or radio button etc.

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