Posted By : Manish Kumar Gautam
Posted On : 6 December 2014
Keywords : .Net CLS, .Net Common Language Specification, CLS, Common Language Specification, What is .Net Common Language Specification CLS

.Net CLS ( Common Language Specification )

Common Language Sepcification In .Net Framework

CLS: CLS is Common Language Specification. CLS define set of rules which every .Net compliant languages must follow. For ex- there are some rules which both the languages C# and VB.Net must follow so as to easy communicate with each other. Like- put proper casing for variable declaration. As a and A are considered as same variable in VB.Net but it is counted as two different variable in C#. So while writing C# code we should care that, if we declare two variable with same name but with different casing. Then, it is not possible for VB.Net application to consume that library.

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