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Posted On : 2 November 2014
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.Net Framework Architecture

What Is .Net Framework Architecture

The process starts with the compilation of the code written for example in C# by their language compilers (CSC which is C# Compiler) into Intermediate Language (IL). The IL code and the resources are stored on a disk in an executable file called an assembly, with an extension of .exe and .dll. We talk about .exe and .dll in our later blogs. Just for now make a rough idea that .exe and .dll are extensions in which IL information is stored. It is the file that provides information about the assembly name, version number, culture information, public key token and process architecture. Now, have a look according to Figure 1 we are completed with the first two steps. Now, what happen in the next step is when our C# code is executed successfully, the assembly is loaded into the CLR. CLR serve as an execution engine for the IL code whose responsibility is to check the functioning of the code on the behalf of CLS and CTS (check the details of CLS and CTS at the below subheading points of their own). Now, when the requirements are met CLR performs the Just In Time (JIT) compilation to convert the IL code to machine code which is understandable by the Operating System of the client machine.

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